#Greatness Is What You and I Were #CreatedFor

Hello my beautiful people! I have been away for so long but I thank God that through it all I am back now. I trust that you are all keeping well as we get excitedly ready to end the year of 2016. Well, today I want to briefly share on what we are all called and created for in this world, and in this time that we are living in. You and I are born for #Greatness. #Greatness is already who we are, it is in each and everyone of us. However,each of us have to do the groundwork to actually see this greatness come to fruition. We are more than conquerors, we are victorious, we can do the #Impossible, we are called not for petty, minor, miniature things. You and I are called to #StandBeforeKings and hence our #GiftsWillMakeRoomForUs. We are all #Uniquely cut out for greatness, so there’s no need to fake or imitate someone else’s gift. #StayInYOurLane.

I leave you with a quote by: Marianne Williamson. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone of us, and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  #BeBlessed #WeAreCalledForGreatness #MoreThanConquerors #WeCanDoTheImpossible #BlessedTuesdayToYouAll #LoveYouAll ❤

Organisations’ Worldwide are looking to Attract and Retain #Millennials!!!

My beautiful people. I’m back again by God’s Grace, nothing but His Grace keeps each of us going daily.  It’s a beautiful and hot sunny day in Durban, but yes, in everything #WeGiveThanks. So, whether you and I believe it or not, organisations worldwide are looking at strategies and ways to #attract and #retain millennials in the 21st Century. So YES!!! You and I are needed in this world of ours. Please take some time and check out this interesting article titled: “How to get more millennials to apply to your company (AND STICK AROUND A WHILE).” Here is the link: https://goo.gl/CBY7RV

Interestingly, the article talks about 3 main things that we millennials are seeking in today’s organisations. These are: An organisation’s core values, showing millennials that you care about their growth and career advancement and lastly, promoting and living a Work-life Balance. I don’t know about you #millennials, but I for one agree totally, with all these 3 points, especially #WorklifeBalance. According to this article, “more and more people want to fit work into their lives—rather than build their lives around their work”. That is ME! Working from 8 am or 9 am to 5 pm and being chained to a desk or an office, doesn’t cut it for me, what about YOU?

So for those of us millennials who desire JOBS, or who have WORK but also want jobs (remember my previous article on Millennials: Work vs Jobs), there is plenty of room for YOU and ME out there. So, #GoForYourDreams and don’t let anyone deter you from that #Goal. Make sure that you surround yourself with people who #Motivate, #Inspire and #Challenge you to become better and achieve your God-given purpose in this world.  It’s not too late to start. #DiscoverYourDreams and #Go. You’ll never regret this. Fulfilling one’s purpose in this lifetime is the greatest joy and brings great satisfaction, not just for “ME” and “YOU” but for also for those that we have helped and those who have helped us in turn to accomplish and achieve our dreams. #WeAreMillennials #Go #Impact #ChangeTheWorld. Love you all and have a Blessed week! *wink*


Hello beautiful people. Check out a beautiful and well-laid out description of a #Job and #Work by #RobinSharma Think about this and #LetUsGetItRight. #BeautifulAndBlessedThursdayToYouAll #MuchLoveYall

#Wrapping2016 What have we accomplished?

Hello my #BeautifulMillennials. It’s always such a pleasure and joy to talk to you. It’s a cold and drizzly day in Durban, but who cares…..#LifeGoesOn….#NothingCanStopUs. As we are in the second to last month of #2016, I have been thinking to myself lately, I guess you all have been thinking about this “What have I accomplished/achieved?” “Have I achieved the goals I set out to achieve at the beginning of this year?” An even more important and significant question to ask ourselves as young people….”What have I contributed to my organisation?” What have I contributed to my family/my colleagues/acquaintances, to make them better than they were at the beginning of #2016?” This “I” “Me” “Mine” mentality has got to stop! It’s got to #Go. The world calls us the “ME” Generation, but that has changed as millennials globally take the initiative each and everyday, not only improve and hone their skills, but as we do this, we also benefit and impact the world we live in and those around us. So today I live you with this important question to think deeply about…..”What have I accomplished throughout the year of 2016″? If you feel you ain’t done nothing…well, I have good news for you….It’s not yet over!!! You still have two full months to make a difference in your own life and in the lives of those around you……#WeAreStrongMillennials #LetUsGo #NeverGiveUp #WeCanDoThis #AimHigh #KeepWalking #KeepMovingForward #Go #Impact #Influence #ChangeYourWorld. Wishing you all a #BlessedAndFavourFilledNovember as we check in for the last two months #November #December of this wonderful year. #LoveYouGuys #GodBlessYouAll #GodKeepYouAll #BeGood #BeGreat #KeepShining 😉

What does the world think of the Millennial Generation?

Hello #BeautifulPeople. It’s been a while but I know that you are all good. This is life I guess. If life doesn’t come with excitement or adventure…..then I don’t think one is living life to the fullest. So today’s topic is a continuation of one of my previous blog posts titled: “Millennials, who do they say we are?” I have found an interesting clip and would love to hear your 1 minute or 3o minute comments on what you think about the video and any additional things you would love to share with all us wonderful millennials across the globe. This is the link: https://goo.gl/Y1khO3 Do take time and check it out……#KeepShining #KeepMovingForward #TheBestIsYetToCome, and remember if you are afraid of trying and failing then you are not ready for success. #ABlessedAndFunFilledWeekend to you All 😉

My Life Story

It is a beautiful Friday morning, and the sun is shining bright, for me this means that there is still hope to get up and start afresh. Today, I am honoured to share with you how I got to where I am today. I trust that sharing my experience as to how I have made it on this journey thus far, will uplift encourage, motivate and inspire someone. I have learnt that failure is not an end, but rather the beginning of success. If you fear to fail, then you are not ready for success.  I feel it in my heart to share this to many many people out there, but specifically young people.  Through this life situation I have learnt never to lose heart because God has a great plan for each of us specifically (Jeremiah 29:11).

After 10 full years of completing my secondary school, (yes I just said 10!) I finally got the opportunity to attend University. God opened up miraculous doors of uncommon favours for me and connected me divinely with people who went out of their way just to show me love and kindness.  They really didn’t have to, but because it was God’s plan, they did. Little did I know that this was not a SETBACK but rather  a SETUP. To my surprise and amazement, in 2012 I graduated with my very first undergraduate Degree, and as the only female in my college. To top it all up, it wasn’t just any normal/basic degree but it was a (Summa Cum Laude = A+ First class Degree).  In 2014, I graduated with my BCOM Honours in Human Resource Management and graduated as one of the top three in my class (Cum Laude = First Class Pass Degree). This year, 2016, I graduated with my Master’s Degree in HR Management. Currently, I hold 3 exceptional Degrees to my name. Who would have thought this was achievable and doable after 10 full years of having left High School.

So my encouraging words to anyone out there who feels like it’s all over, it’s not!!! Don’t give up on your dreams. Trust God. Trust the skills, talents and abilities that He has uniquely placed in the inside of you. Hone, develop and build these skills wherever you may find yourself today. For I have learnt in life that, where you are today is never a waste, but rather, it is preparation time for where God is taking you. So, #Millennials, #LetusGo #KeepOnWalking #DoNotThrowInTheTowel #KeepYourHeadHeldUpHigh #WalkTall #ThinkBig #KnowWhoYouAre #Shine #BeUniquelyYou. Believe me, there’s no one like YOU and if you don’t do what you’re called to uniquely do on this planet, no one will do it for you, and sadly it becomes a loss to you and the entire world.

Be encouraged by my life story. Look out for more to come on this blog. Do share your inspiring and amazing journey with me on my blog. I strongly believe that every single one of us has a unique story to share to encourage the next person. Wishing you all a #BlessedAndBeautifulFriday. Be safe and behave responsibly wherever you are. Much Love to you all ❤ *wink* *Takes a bow*

Millennials: Work vs Job

A good morning to you beautiful people!!! This is yet another beautiful day to share our insights on this continuously researched topic area.  So, today, you and I find ourselves caught up in a situation where we have completed our degrees, one, two, or even 3 degrees, since in this competitive day and age one degree no longer cuts it, like it was back in the day.  With this in place, graduated and millennials-at-work-in-germany-1 millennials-at-work-in-germany-2all, the job hunting process commences where we begin to excitedly search and apply for multiple job opportunities in our desired field of work.  You will all agree with me that things don’t play out the way we want them to. Others call it luck, karma……let’s not get into that now.  So, what’s the next step? One can decide to do either of 2 things: 1) Sit and mope around because no organisation is responding to their applications. 2) Embrace the waiting period and make the best out of it, because believe you me, there is a waiting season/period for everything.  What is most important here is not how long the waiting takes, but rather, WHAT YOU AND I DO WHILST WE ARE WAITING. Hence, I believe, hard as it may seem, this is the best time to invest in oneself, develop, hone and sharpen one’s skills regardless of the situation…….that is, make the most of it!

This then asks the very important questioned I talked about in my previous blog “Millennials and finding our niche in the multi-generational world”…please check it out if you haven’t. So, the question is have YOU and I discovered our very purpose in life, the thing you and I do so well that and effortlessly that it brings us so much pleasure and satisfaction, whether we are paid for it or not. So this is the answer, You and I should WORK while we wait for our JOBS, that’s if we really want a JOB, and even if the JOB does not arrive at our doorsteps, YOU AND I can continue to shine like stars and greatly impact the world of everyone around us, as long as we take seriously the importance of developing and grooming that talent God has given to each of us.

Millennials, I know maybe a majority of us may be at this phase of our lives, whilst others may have passed this stage already.  This platform is for all of us to share our experiences, ideas, insights and opinions on this topic with each other, and perhaps, we never know, we may be rubbing minds with the next President of the USA or the next Bill Gates.  It is my greatest desire to reach out to millennials on a global scale and help them, (together with your assistance of course), to discover their definite purpose in this life and in so doing, impact lives and generations to come in a very enormous way! Blessings to you all my beautiful readers. Do keep the comments flowing, and let’s keep this blog alive. Looking forward to hearing from each of you on this interesting and yet perplexing/thought-provoking topic. 😉 *Takes a bow* Much Love……